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About Stunning Steeds

Stunning Steeds is a team of professionals who pool our knowledge and love for horses.

Cheri Prill

Owner, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Videographer

(813) 843-0182

Cheri Prill grew up in the city, and to a family that had difficulty trying to make ends meet, owning a horse would never be a reality but that didn’t stop her dreams. She still was very determined to surround herself with the majestic creatures. Cheri became every horse owner’s nightmare. She was the kid that wouldn’t go away always asking, “Can I pet your horse?”, “Can I ride your horse.” and so on. Throughout the years She even cleaned stalls in exchange for riding lessons and to show, would borrow ANY horse, ANY breed available. This was just the beginning of a lifetime passion for horses.

Cheri's first horse of her own, when she was 18, was a Paso Fino rescue horse that she actually kept a secret from her family. Over the years Cheri has enjoyed and owned many horses. Today, she is the proud owner and adores her Colombian Trote y Galope filly, (Patrona del Encanto) and Andalusian Stallion, (Notorio MC). Cheri is also a master of many trades. She produces the highest of quality photography and has over 17 years of graphic design experience. She also has roots in video editing and web design. Cheri has had her fine art displayed in museums and private collections around the world and her photography has graced many popular magazines and books. Cheri strives to bring a quality product to the Equine Community while her love of horses will well apparent in her art.
Having my Art and Photography in major magazines as well as displayed in museums and private collections is such an honor. My childhood dreams have become a reality.

Amanda Eastridge

Customer Service, Account Manager, Graphic Designer

(877) 514-6773

Amanda Eastridge has been working in the Marketing Industry for 5 years now and has found that combining creative marketing and customer service is her passion. She studied marketing at St. Petersburg College before transferring to the University of South Florida to obtain her bachelor’s in Business Marketing and Administration. Also a talented Graphic Designer, Amanda’s expertise is making sure that your wildest visions become a reality!

She is a Tampa native that is relatively new to the horse world but definitely finds it intriguing and is extremely excited to be a part of the Stunning Steeds team! When she is not working, Amanda enjoys singing karaoke and hanging out with her Mini-Jack Russel Terrier named Riley.

Excited to be a part of the Stunning Steeds team!

Rina Alvarez

Assistant Photographer

(877) 514-6773

My passion is photography.

I began as a photographer, shooting weddings for a company in Orlando, FL before opening my own studio in Tampa. Cheri Prill and I began working together shortly thereafter. While my specialty may be in weddings, families, children and boudoir, working alongside Cheri at horse shows and private farm shoots is an absolute pleasure.

I am very excited to be a part of the Stunning Steeds team. I am new to the horse world but am learning quickly thanks to Cheri's guidance. I head our Wedding Photography Division. Feel free to contact me. We would love to be a part of your special day!

My passion is photography. I have enjoyed taking photos as long as I can remember.

Tyler Davies

Web Developer, IT Support

(877) 514-6773

Tyler tries to be awesome, and he's actually O.K. at it.

Tyler has been around computers from a young age. At only 12 years old, he started hosting servers, designing websites, repairing computers and writing complex Windows applications. Nothing has changed except for his height and knowledge. He was brought onto the Stunning Steeds team in late 2014 to help with any technical problems and web designs that would be required and he is also the sexy voice behind our video voice overs. Tyler has been enjoying learning all about horses and finds that he loves them!

Developing Stunning Steeds websites and solving the most complex technical problems is my specialty!