Here's what our clients have to say...

“Cheri Prill is one of the best Equine photographers in her profession. Her knowledge of horses and how they move gives her the gift to captivate them in such a way that it’s hard to describe. Thank you Stunning Steeds for making this happen.”
Ruth and Joey Perez / The Art Of Riding (Andalusians/PRE/Lusitanos).

"No words! This ad and photos are truly amazing! I LOVE IT! Better than I could have ever imagined!"
Sherry Mcgalliard / Epic Andalusians

“I got the magazine!! You made me cry. My mom too.”
Beth Uelsmann Figueroa / El Tomaria Paso Fino

“WOW!! I have said it before, but I must say it again, you are an amazingly talented photographer. I am so impressed with your photos!!”
Lisbeth B. Hencke / Lionheart Publishing, Inc.

“Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures of my stallion, Dante! You have an amazing talent! The hair on my arms are standing up! I LOVE the pictures you’ve put up! Also, please don’t forget to send me the information regarding the beach. I would love to do it with Dante! I love your work!"
Heather Gram / Friesian Stallion Owner at Brec Dressage

“Stunning Steeds can capture the beauty in any horse through photography and design work! From the high quality show horse to the every day practice horse. The ads designed are eye catching and original. The email blasts are effective, we have sold several horses from the services and the responses are immediate, people call from seeing their work- it’s the simplest way to sell a horse! Stunning Steeds does all the work and you just answer the many emails and phone calls, it is that easy!”
Pam Roush / Avalon Riding Academy (American Saddlebreds & all Breeds)

“Wow - I Love this magazine ad of Bucephalus!!!! It is very eye-catching! You outdid yourself this time with this ad. It is one of my favorites of any that you have done. The only problem is how will you top this ad, but I am sure you will. Scarlett loved it too!”
Shaw Laney / Cedar Lane Stables

“Our ad is absolutely stunning !!! Gorgeous !! You are brilliant ! I love how you were able to fit our yearling in there as well!! Thank you!”
Phoebe Parker / Parker Farms

“Stunning Steed's ability is a gift not just talent. Stunning Steed's ability to capture life and movement in photographs of any horse is amazing. It is artistic, inspirational and overwhelming to stare at some of her pictures and feel that you are alive in one with that horse. As a marketing tool, Cheri’s work helped me sell horses as youngsters before they went into training. Not only can they capture the best of the horse, but understands the equine industry. Their photography, video and email blasts are definitely a good investment.”
Carlos Tobon / Paso Fino Owner & Judge

“I just got to peek at the most recent PFHA magazine and I have to tell you, it is truly 1000 times better than the old magazines you didn’t put together. It is fabulous! I loved everything about it from articles to the captions with the photos to the beautiful photos that were taken with your skilled eye and fresh perspective. You are so very talented and I love seeing your work. Congratulations on another job well done.”
Kristi Smith / Windy Ridge Farm

“I want to congratulate you on an outstanding job on the front cover of the January edition of the Paso Fino World magazine - it represents an amazing combination of color and imaging and delivers quality like no other cover so far in their publication - truly an excellent job!!!”
Alberto Estrada / Criadero La Catedral Paso Fino Show Horses

“Thank you for another wonderful photo shoot of our Friesian, Mystik. He looks as beautiful as the last shoot ten years ago! You should post a side by side in your photo gallery with our boy! The pictures are all up in my Hunt Room and so loved! Wonderful Christmas gift from my husband. Thank you.”
Janise Man-Son-Hing

“My husband almost had a heart attack when he saw the banner you made for us. He absolutely loved it and kept saying how the heck did Cheri do this. I told him you did your magic!”
Awilda Rivera / DM Paso Fino

“You are an incredible photographer. I have always loved your work and enjoy your artistry daily looking at the pastels of my horses you did for me long ago. I am so happy for you that you are getting national and international recognition in so many major magazines.”
Laurelle Balog / TWH Owner

“I checked out your website and I was so impressed! You are such an accomplished artist and you capture horses so beautifully! Looks like you have a thriving business, as you should have with all that talent! Good luck to you in the future and I hope we meet again some time.”
Marissa Todd

“The response we received from the email advertisements for our sales horses is amazing! We never received so many inquires as we did from the Stunning Steeds email advertisement service and we sold our horses. The ads are beautiful, very cost effective, and Stunning Steeds made it so easy for us to get done. I would highly recommend it for the horse industry”.
Lori Perez / Caribe Paso Finos

“Anything Stunning Steeds touches, turns to art! They have a true talent and an artistic eye and passion for the breed shows in everything they do. Our breed is SO lucky to have such wonderful artists that do most of our advertisements.”
Matthew Marks / MGM Paso Finos

“Wanted to tell you we are using a horse product called Omega Horseshine. One the bag is a very nice picture of a horse by the name of Ivory Pal. Was very pleased to see that the photographer was none other than Cheri Prill! We love your photos. Great job. Just wanted to pass along. Keep up the good work.”
Art and Patty / Sterlingshire Stables Shires & Gypsy Vanners

“Thank you so much for the article in the magazine and riding and chiropractic!! You did an amazing job-- it brought tears to my eyes- what a beautiful layout and graphics.”

“Beautiful job again!! What a fabulous magazine!! Loved the pictures! You have added so much to that publication! You took the BEST picture of my husband with his horse Argumento that was in the magazine. Thank you”
Robbie Davis

“We do not know each other, but I just wanted to tell you that the Sept/Oct Nov issue of Paso Fino Horse World is the best issue I have ever seen. I have been in the breed since 1981 and this issue had some of the most interesting stories. You are doing a terrific job.”
Steve Burgess

“You have done an excellent job in this whole presentation!!!! .... Thank you! and wow! your artful choices of pics and article lay-out was super! This opportunity has been my honor. Thank you for working so hard with me and serving this association with such excellence! You are our blessing! Hopefully together we have sparked new interests and generated a diversified representation of excellence - for our awesome breed.”
Millie Hopkins

“By the way, I really enjoyed your PFHW article and your superb photography on the Feria de Las Flores show in Medellin, Colombia, South America..Really interesting and educational. Thanks,”

“I received my recent copy of the magazine and its not only beautiful to look at, thanks to the very talented Stunning Steeds, but contained so many entertaining stories too! Great Job! Thank you!”
G. Kim

“Spotlight article, I just LOVE it, it’s being very well received, and here’s a quote about it in particular that sums it up pretty much the best: “It is one of the best lay outs I have seen in the mag in a long time.”
Jonelle McCoy

“Hi, I have heard a lot of nice compliments about the last Horse World issue. you have really helped turn the magazine around.” thanx!
Carol G