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Welcome to Stunning Steeds, your premier destination for exquisite equine photography, graphic design and videography services.
Nestled in the heart of Florida (Tampa and Ocala), our team of skilled professionals
is dedicated to immortalizing the grace and majesty of horses through high-quality imagery.

Capturing the Essence of Equine Beauty


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With a deep understanding of the equine industry, our tailored services cater to a diverse range of needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions for any horse breed or sport, ensuring that every client receives a unique and captivating representation of their equine partners.

At Stunning Steeds, we are renowned for our unparalleled ability to capture the true essence of each horse. We understand the unique bond shared between equestrians and their companions, and we specialize in documenting these cherished moments. Whether you seek to immortalize your treasured memories or promote your equine-related business, our team is committed to delivering  personalized and exceptional imagery.

Tailored Services, Unmatched Expertise:

what we are known for

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Stunning Steeds stands at the forefront of the equine industry, with our work gracing the pages of esteemed horse books and magazines. Our images and videos have been utilized by various companies and private clients, solidifying our position as leaders in the field.

Envision your horse in all its splendor with Stunning Steeds. Contact us today to embark on a journey of capturing the timeless beauty and spirit of your equine companions.

Our work is used by
Equine Industry Leaders

• Horse Illustrated Magazine
• Breyer Model Horses
• International Andalusian and
Lusitano Horse Association
• Friesian Horse Association of North America
• Absorbine
• Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
• Paso Fino Horse Association
• Ocala Paso Fino Horse Association
• Florida Paso Fino Horse Association
• Horse Capital TV
• United States Equestrian Federation Equestrian Magazine
• Fedequinas (Colombia)
• CONFEPASO (Colombia)
• Feathered Horse Classic events
• Morgan Horse Magazine
• Young Rider
• Gascon Horsemanship
• Kentucky Equine Research Feed
• Bartlett Feed
• Seminole Feed
• Horse of Kings
• Saddle & Bridle Magazine
• Equine Journal, Equine Wellness
• Palomino Horse World
• EnsurGroup / NSI

• Cirque Ma'Ceo
• Equestrian Living Magazine
• Horse & Rider
• Showtime Magazine
• Colombia Equino (hardcover book)
• 4 Tiempos Magazine (International Magazine)
• Kuda Saddlery
• Cavallo Equestrian Arts/Cirque MaCeo
• Cavalia
• Horse & Pony News
• Cheval Magazine (France)
• Asociasion Ecuestre Nacional (Dominican Republic)
• Trail Blazer Magazine
• Discover Horses Magazine
• Gascon Horsemanship
• For The Best Magazine
• Paso Fino Report
• EC Magazine
• HoofBeats
• Showlife
• Trofeo Caballo (Spain)
• Alliance Source
• Major Tech / Software Company
• Horse Digest
• Arabian Horse Times
and more!

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Logo Design
Social Media Ads
Magazine Design
Vinyl Banners
Show Arena Displays
Show Stall Displays
Business Cards
Postcards / Stallion Cards
Web Design
Billboard Design
Photo Retouching / Fine Art

We offer:

• Photography
• Video Production
• Email Blasts
• Graphic Design

• Horse related business
   & Stallion marketing

“For anyone wishing to have stunning photographs of their horse(s), I can highly recommend professional American Equestrian Photographer Cheri Prill, whom I met in Portugal. I did photo shoots with Cheri with different horses and she provided me with stunning images to treasure for a lifetime. Being a professional rider myself it’s not always easy to find a photographer who not only has the technical knowledge but also of knowing the right moment to photograph horses, knowing when they are correct in their movement and balance etc. Cheri has all of this fantastic ability plus being able to capture raw emotion and make one feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera. I love her ability to excel at both artistic and commercial styles. Her images are of exceptionally high quality and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Cheri!”


kind words

“People still haven't stopped talking about our work.”

“Stunning Steed's ability to capture life and movement in photographs of any horse is amazing. It is artistic, inspirational and overwhelming to stare at some of her pictures and feel that you are alive in one with that horse. As a marketing tool, Cheri’s work helped me sell horses of all levels. Not only can they capture the best of the horse, but understands the equine industry and breed specifics. Their photography, video and email blasts are definitely a good investment.”

World Champion Paso Fino Horses
Home of Breyer horse Vivaldi de Besilu

“We are just blown away by your artistry”

kind words

“Image is everything when selling horses. Stunning Steeds can capture the beauty in any horse through photography, video and design work. From the high quality show horse to the every day schooling / lesson horse she brings out the best in them. The ads designed are eye catching and original. The email blasts have been effective, we have sold several horses from the services and the responses are quick. Highly recommend.”

(American Saddlebreds & all Breeds)

“Worth the investment”

kind words

“Cheri Prill is one of the best Equine photographers in her profession. Her knowledge of horses and how they move gives her the gift to captivate them in such a way that it’s hard to describe. Thank you Stunning Steeds for making this happen.”

 (Andalusians/PRE/Lusitano horses)

“Talented and with knowledge of horse behavior and movement”

kind words

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Horses of Colombia featured on Horse Capital TV
US residents recently traveled to Colombia to take part in an opportunity to photograph, ride, and learn more about Paso Fino,
Trocha and Trote y Galope horses. Join Horse Capital TV's Cheri Prill along for the journey.
see more episodes on HCTV:
contact Stunning Steeds to learn how you can attend.

Cheri Prill

The Stunning Steeds team:

Cheri Prill's journey began in the bustling metropolis of Milwaukee, where her family struggled to make ends meet. Despite being told that owning a horse was beyond their means, Cheri refused to abandon her dream of riding and owning these majestic creatures. To fund her passion, she traded stall cleaning for riding lessons and borrowed horses from friends and mentors to participate in competitions. Her determination knew no bounds, even pushing her to sleep in a borrowed car at a national show due to financial constraints and a broken-down vehicle.

Cheri's unwavering commitment stems from her profound love for horses, which she views not merely as a hobby, but as her true calling in the equestrian world.

In 2008, Cheri Prill established Stunning Steeds, LLC, a distinguished equestrian marketing company specializing in equine photography, videography, and graphic design. Initially an artist by heart, Cheri transitioned into graphic design after college, serving as an art director for a marketing company for over a decade before taking the plunge into full-time equine photography.

Under the banner of Stunning Steeds, Cheri has garnered widespread acclaim, winning multiple awards from the American Horse Publishers for her exceptional photography. Additionally, she has served as the editor and designer of the Paso Fino Horse World Magazine for over 13 years. Her stunning videos have graced international promotions, prestigious events, television programs, and online platforms, elevating her reputation globally. Notably, her work has found its way into museums and private collections worldwide, gracing the pages of renowned equestrian magazines, books, calendars, and various equestrian products and merchandise.

Beyond her technical prowess, Cheri's comprehensive understanding of diverse equestrian disciplines enables her to flawlessly capture the essence of each breed's unique standards, resulting in breathtaking photographs and videos.

When not crafting visual marvels behind the lens, Cheri can be found gracefully riding dressage on a handsome Friesian or her dappled grey Colombian Trote y Galope stallion. Her love for the outdoors extends to leisurely walks with her leopard spotted Bengal cat Khalifa, often sparking curiosity among her neighbors.

Horses are a passion!


Amanda Pittman

Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer

Customer Service,
Graphic Designer,


Tampa, FL /  Ocala, FL

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